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| Friday, November 30, 2007

Recently Andy Lau appeared in a new poster for Cyma watches with the theme of "Only for those experienced, you'll understand the excitement of black and white". In the photographs, Andy was totally focused and considering what's his next move for his chess game. It seems a simple setting, but it's hard to decide as every step need to be very careful. Andy remembers when he first entered showbiz, he and other newcomers all anticipating a glamours lifestyle, however when time goes by, he feel that it's normal and nothing pretty. Looking at the game of chess, he quoted an example: "Just like this game of chess, although there are only a different of dark and light colors, but within it contain many different characters, it can made up of many different outcomes, and fill of many exciting areas. Thus, after you experienced it, naturally you will enjoy the importance of being normal."

In another series which has the theme of "understand the shortness of day and night, you will cherish those things and people around you", Andy wore a simple Western suit in the photograph. He look at an antique toy car, his eyes is full of childhood memories. Looking at this toy which resemble his childhood toy, it would make one sighed at how time flies. He says: "Just like when I always looked at sun rise and sun set would also feel major changes. People will grow with age and will feel that time passed very fast, there is 24 hours per day, there are still many uncompleted jobs, thus missed out many people and matters around you, actually it's also quite a huge enlightenment. God is fair, he gave everyone 24 hours per day, I feel that in this short time, most importantly is what we had done, but what we had share with others."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao