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| Saturday, December 01, 2007

Media Asia's Christmas major attraction Warlords will open in the cinemas on 13 December, a special advance premiere was held for film distributors, movie companies, film critics and media reporters, director Peter Chan was present to understand the response from the audience.

As it was screened worldwide for the first time 2 nights ago, the movie company had a strict security check as all audience were not allowed to bring in their cameras and mobile phones, they also need to walk through a metallic object scanner to prevent any illegal recording from happening. Before the film was screened, Peter went on to the stage to thanks the audience for coming to watch his film, he pointed out that the film had been doing its post production in Thailand, burnt several midnight oil before the tape was delivered the morning of the day before, however there are one to two subtitles not done up thus for those whom are not well verse in Putonghua (Mandarin) to guess the dialogue.

The 2 hours long film narrates the brotherhood, friendship and battles between the three brothers Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. In the end, only Takeshi Kaneshiro escape death, among them there are certain scenes that are rather bloody and brutal but Peter does not feel this way as he think that several war battles scenes in foreign films are more brutal, thus this film will be categorize as Cat IIB.

The story started with defeated Qing soldier Jet whom was starving and fainted on the street but was rescued by Xu Jinglei and they had a one-night affair. In order to make a living, he join the bandits lead by Andy. When robbing the army's food, they managed to save Takeshiro and three of them returned to Andy's village and then found out that Xu is Andy's wife. Then Andy's village was attacked by the Qing army, Jet then suggested the bandits liaise with the emperor as three of them sworn as brothers. The three of them lead troops and won several battles but soon there is disagreement between Andy and Jet as for example Jet wanted to execute those soldiers whom rape their victims but Andy and Takeshi disagree; when 4,00 soldiers surrender and andy decided to let them go but Jet killed all of them, in a fit of anger Andy lead his troops and leave while Jet and Takeshi plea for him to stay.

After several victorious battles, Jet was made the general, in fear of his own safety, he ticked Andy out of the city and killed him, this was known by Takeshi as he first killed Xu then avenge Andy by killing Jet, Takeshi was later arrested for killing an official and sentenced to death. The way of shooting the war battles scenes are similar to Saving Private Ryan and 300.

Other than the impressive battle scenes, the actors also did well. Jet is the most important character, as the general whom lead huge army, highly skilled in martial arts, love the country and its people and also wanted to snatch away his brother's wife and in the end killing his brother for more power. Jet handle this half good and evil character very well, he's the spiritual figure of the film.

Andy's character is a no manners bandit, he's the man of his words, care of his brothers and he was kept in the dark about his wife with Jet, even he was killed in the end without knowing who betray him. It seems that Andy handle this character with no difficulties.

Takeshi's character first respect Andy and later admire Jet, but later found out how Jet planned to assassinate Andy. There are also close up shot on the 3 leads crying, did Peter got influence from Wong Kar Wai?

Andrew Lau whom came to watch the film enjoy the movie and he thinks that Warlords is one of the better Hong Kong production this year.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News