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| Wednesday, December 05, 2007

East Asia Music Production Company Limited kept adding new singers to its rank, after Miriam Yeung, Wilfred Lau and Ivana Wong joining the company earlier, Andy Lau had been officially revealed as one of the singers of East Asia Music Production Company Limited as a press conference was held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel today.

To welcome the heavyweight arrival of Andy, East Asia held a grand press conference with the theme of "Everyone is No.1" with a background of smiling faces from more than 50 countries, using No.1 smile to welcome this No. 1 singer Andy Lau!

East Asia Music director and Andy made a hand print together to show that both of them would joined hands and worked together to bring more good music for music lovers.

In the end, Andy light up torches with other guests to symbolize the kingdom of East Asia had entered another glory page with Andy joining the company!

To celebrate joining the new company, East Asia specially released a new song plus compilation album titled Everyone is No. 1 which contains the champion hit songs of Andy from 2000-2007 and 6 brand new songs, 11 never been released music videos are also included together with the album, thus fans could owned Andy's No.1 works! This album will be released worldwide on 5 December in order for everywhere that has Chinese would be able to buy this album!

The guests also get to watch the music video of Warlords, this is the biggest film in Chinese film history, even Andy said himself: "This is my most expensive music video ever since I entered showbiz."

Other recommended song includes the theme song for this year's Hong Kong Wonderful World concert as all to be happy with Andy till 100 years old, Brothers - the duet with Eason Chan as Andy joined in the production of the song to sing out a modern song that represent man; Everyone is No.1 as the 2008 Paralympics Games theme song that comes with the full 9 minutes story music video which Andy acted out with an artificial leg, it's also a very encouraging song; 'Mei You Chi Ban De Tian Shi' is Ronald McDonald House charity song where Andy wrote the lyrics himself as it said that being an angel need not have a certain image, any person, anytime can do their part to show concern to others.

The album also give away images of Andy's personal life to allow fans to understand all about his busy lifestyle, thus this album would be the must buy for all music fans.

news from: Sina.com