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| Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Warlords has a cast of three mega-stars in superstar Jet Li, heavenly king Andy Lau and handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro. For the 3 actors, each has their own overseas market. When they accept to be casted in Warlords, do they have to fight for screen time, appearance time and location on the poster?

Peter Chan stress that: "Of course they would "fight" within their hearts, this is very natural for human being. But to me, the more they "fight", it's the better for me but no matter how they fight is useless, because I'm doing the editing, anyway they did not fight." He sing praise of the actors' understanding as they did not complaint during shooting.

With regards to the poster, as all can see, each has their huge face printed, this is a pretty fair. From the mouth of Peter, Jet has 10 minutes being cut, those included scenes when 3 actors appeared together. It was understand that Jet had a scene lying inside a coffin during his funeral, Takeshi has a scene where he was tied on a cross which appeared in the trailer but "went missing" in the film. Why? Peter said: "The scene where Jet lying inside the coffin is too over, whereas the scene where Takeshi tied on the cross is not required, it's too cultured."

Peter added: "Andy really know how to cry, when I didn't asked him to cry, he also know how to cry himself!" Seldom directors focus on actor's tears, when asked Peter quipped: "I don't befriend people whom does not know how to cry, when a man cry it make feel he is true. Many female feel uneasy seeing man crying, but I feel that it's good to watch man cry, the effect is stronger. I was stunned at how many tears Andy has, the level is like a waterfall, there was a shooting of a scene listening to the opera, he started crying immediately, cried for a total of 10 times. When shooting crying scenes, I'm most worried of Jet, but in the end, he managed to cry himself."

Meanwhile, the worldwide premiere of Warlords will be held on 6 December where more than 100 Chinese filmmakers would walked the red carpet. Jet would show off his drumming skills together with Andy and Takeshi, 5,000 over small drums of the audience would also sound together with them to reveal the secret identity of Warlords to cheer Chinese films.

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com