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| Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Xu Jinglei is the editor for electronic magazine Kaila, in the latest issue #14 it collaborated with the film Warlords as everybody is able to watch videos of Xu Jinglei interview Andy Lau and Peter Chan in Xu's Cafe. As she is one of the cast herself, the secrets exposed are out of ordinary.

In Warlords, Andy and Xu Jinglei are husband and wife, they have the most scenes together, thus for such interview, even though their roles are switched, but they have no difficulties in communicating with each other, it seems that their friendship had blossom during the shooting. Xu Jinglei get into the main topic immediately as she asked what's the breakthrough for Andy's Er Hu character in the film. It's already a breakthrough when Andy picked this role, "Why did you chose a different character and it would be different", he further express that this is a good film because every actors' character and image are different from their past performance. From the banner photographs, Jet Li looked evil and glum, Andy is ragged, Takeshi Kaneshiro is brave and Xu Jinglei is mature, all the four leads' image is a big breakthrough. In addition, in the creating of the character Er Hu, Andy revealed that he chose to follow how Summo Hung act, because no matter in real life or acting, Summo's character is very similar to Er Hu.

Although its a big breakthrough for his character, but Andy still think that Jet got the most difficult role, he's so well skilled in martial arts but he got more talking and feeling scenes rather than fighting scenes, vice versa, in the whole film, Andy got to fight the most time.

news from: Sina.com