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| Friday, December 14, 2007

The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing next year while Hong Kong will co-host the horse racing. The collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland China would be a success for the grand event held every four years. This year, Andy Lau's company specially printed a new calendar for its friends and customers. Upon flipping open the calendar, Andy appeared in 12 different sportsman for the 12 months, it's a good timing as they play on the Olympic Games hype. Among the photographs, it has Andy playing tennis, golf, and track runner, of course bowling is not missed out.

In addition, his solo 16 nights concerts which will kick off next Friday on 21 December, no more shows will be added and the tickets had long been sold out. Recently there is one reader - Miss Lee whom wrote in to complain that she's being Andy World Club member, she managed to get tickets by applying AIG credit card, she was promised good seats but turned out to be poor seats, Miss Lee said on telephone: "How to book tickets, every tickets has an administrative fees of $16, the position is from the ninth row, I bought a total of 6 tickets, they send to me 3 tickets separately, this is too much, although get to advance booking, the seats are not good."

news from: Apple Daily News