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| Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Warlords will be screened in Singapore soon, Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei was here to promote the movie. Andy and Xu Jinglei held hands to attend the press conference, during the interview Andy addressed Xu Jinglei as his "wife" as in fact they do looked like husband and wife.

When talked about the moustached, dirtied and messy look in the movie, Andy expressed that he loved it as it allows him to forget that he was Andy Lau thus able to concentrate to act out the Er Hu character well. Andy also didn't forget to ask his "wife's" opinion as Xu Jinglei quipped that "it very nice". Andy also seize the chance to ask Xu Jinglei whom is also a director to cast him in her movies, he said: "Any roles will do, I just want to see how you direct." With regards to Andy's request, Xu Jinglei said that it would be an honor.

When talked about Xu Jinglei, Andy said that they are best of friends as they can have a nice chat and express each other's different view. Andy also exclaimed that he love such woman whom had their own individual thinking and also give people a sense of security.

Andy thinks that when one get more mature, one would cry easily as the person could understand the agony of some things are not within one's control, thus he has the stand of "don't dry if unable to cry" when shooting the challenge of crying in 14 takes but he exclaimed that "I really cried in the first few takes, later I would need tactic in order to cry."

news from: omy.com.sg