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| Friday, December 07, 2007

The Warlords which will be screened during the Christmas holidays held its worldwide premiere at Beijing yesterday as director Peter Chan lead the cast of Jet Li, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei to attend the event. More than 100 filmmakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan also attended the event.

After a round of dances and performance, the premiere officially begin as Peter made an appearance in Warlord Korean vehicle.

Jet pointed out that the shooting is very tough but he discover a strong brotherhood love and stress that the film will show the audience the true pain and sorrow faced during actual war.

Jet express that during shooting, he need to thanks all brothers during the tough shooting, he said: "During shooting, many stories happened as the script kept changing during shooting, we became good brothers, this film is also the one film that I'm carrying the most responsibility during my 27 years as an actor, I have to hold onto the responsibility bravely." With regard to allegation in Mainland China of his heavenly fees, Jet quipped that everybody believed in such entertainment news? He feel that such news are just to entertain everybody, there are so many news and allegations before and after shooting of the film, human are complicated, with different stages and culture, all these does not affect him, he could just laughed after reading them, believed that there are many experiences in life.

In addition, he talked about his unforgettable experience with Andy, Jet said: "Andy is a sunshine and happy person, during positioning he would cry when asked to cry, this surprised me, he's a very good actor." When talked about the violent and bloody scenes of the film, Jet exclaimed that before shooting director Peter had express that it was very cruel in war, war had been beautify in past war films, actually killing is not a correct thing to do, it must be cold-blooded, this time we're using violent to remind all about anti-war, show all the pain in war, use the most realistic methods during shooting, talking in the past is easy, this time need a lot of patient, very complicated, other than black and white, there are also gray and depth areas, it's not just good or bad.

When asked how he addressed Andy as in he addressed him as "elder brother"? Jet expressed that Andy is 2 years older than him but he had maintained well. When asked why Andy did not take up the elder brother role, Jet quipped that he looked older which leave him with no choice.

At the press conference, when asked about the high requirement of the actions coordinated by Tony Ching Siu Tung, Takeshi Kaneshiro claimed that the shooting was tough, especially the scene that he's killing Jet, he almost went crazy with depression, the inner and complicated feelings are hard to display. He also does not know that the 3 male casts need to cry, he quipped that the weather is cold, it make one hard to cry.

In this film, Xu Jinglei is the only female lead, although she didn't have much screen time but she the one whom pull the strings throughout the whole film. When asked to rate the 3 male leads, Xu Jinglei said: "Jet is the modern martial arts grand master, Andy is intelligent and Takeshi Kaneshiro is very cute."

After hearing the good praise of them from Xu Jinglei, the 3 male leads also sing praise of Xu Jinglei. Andy start the ball rolling as the fans were screaming to his charisma, he said: "She's my expectation of a wife." Jet said: "She met my expectation of a best friend." Takeshi Kaneshiro said: "Collaborated twice and she's my sister-in-laws, thus I have a feeling that I cannot get close to her."

After the premiere, Andy was asked about a crying scene which took him 14 takes, Andy answered: "I was rather happy and excited when shooting the first 3 takes, up till the fourth take I'm not so happy to cry. The cameraman immediately tell me to drop another tear, it would be so beautiful that it "could kill", I was being asked to cry a few more times, up to the end, although you seeing me crying, actually I'm very angry." The host then asked if anyone cried after watching such a touching scene, some of the audience raised their hands. Andy then quipped to those raising their hands: "You didn't cry? Come out now!"

Many fans of Andy knew that Andy would be attending this event thus they had been waiting for him outside the screening hall until the film ended screening then they moved to the three rows nearest to the stage. To be able to be so close to their idol, this excite them. Other than the arranged bouquet presenting segment, they also prepared several stalks of roses and break the security barrier to pass to Andy which he collected from them. However, a comical audience whom is not Andy's fan gave Andy a half-filled pop corn to Andy. This surprise present delights Andy as he ate the pop corn on the stage.

Andy whom attended the contract signing with East Asia Music the day earlier in Hong Kong and immediately jet over to Beijing to attend the premiere and meet the fans at the cinema, Andy does not seems tired at all as he's full of energy to entertain the audience as he performed behind the back of Jet when he was giving a speech.

When talked about his feelings of his character in the film, he said: "Since the beginning I "regretted" taking up this film, but upon hearing all the good reviews, I have to admit there is no other person to be able to take up this character." The audience immediately applause.

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Sina.com