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| Thursday, December 06, 2007

Andy Lau had joined East Asia Music and a press conference to announce this addition and the release of a new album was held yesterday in a hotel in Central, the venue was decorated with more than 50 smiling faces to welcome Andy. Andy quipped that he had a feeling of "marrying into East Asia Music", he talked about how this partnership came about, he said: "I did this not because of money, it's through long time of understanding, just like a man and woman knowing each other for some time, in the past I played soccer with boss, we get to know each other better after collaborating Infernal Affairs in 2003, I feel that the company has many investments on entertainment and they're careful with their investments."

The copyright of more than 500 of his songs and his Focus Music "handed over", with regards to the $2 billion selling fee, Andy said: "The newspaper did report the fee, I think they did, but it's not accurate, hope I earn that amount slowly." When asked of his plans in 2008, he said that he leave the decision to his boss, he says: "I wanted to be a woman whole heartedly, all management will be handle by the company." When asked if he's not happy of his dual role as employee and boss, he said: "Nope, I just want to be an artiste." When asked if he would put Peter as his first, he quipped: "Don't say that he's above No.1."

Good friend Sammi Cheng also dropped by to send her congratulation with a bouquet and also gave Andy a calligraphy written by her father which reads "You're No.1" in Cantonese! Sammi explained: "I'm delighted of Andy joining the company, it brighten up the company, anticipating to have more collaboration with him. As I don't know how to write calligraphy thus I asked my father whom like to write calligraphy, previously he was right handed, after suffering from stroke, he now used left hand to write the calligraphy." Upon hearing, Andy is surprised and touched as he admire Sammi's father strong determination and hope to pay him a visit and said thanks to him. Sammi then quipped: "Ok, you need to marry me first." Then both of them burst into laughters.

After the hand print and torch light-up ceremony of joining East Asia Music, when boss Peter Lam went on stage to gave a speech, he said: "Our collaboration for so many years depended on one word - trust, Andy is richer than me, but he refuse to admit. Actually I really didn't buy over his company, it's him buying my company, thus I would depend on him for the rest of my life."

It was said that Andy had sold the copyright of more than 500 songs which is around 10 albums of songs since 1992's Zhen Yong Yuan, meanwhile he would keep his management and production companies. Andy expressed that he signed a 3-years singer contract with East Asia, he said: "I sold all the copyright of my songs from 1992 to East Asia, the company will help me promote and distribute, however the production will be handled by myself. We can't finish talking about money, this is just a singer contract, I still handle my management contract."

When asked what is the price that moved his heart, he said: "Very little, I don't want to make the matter big, I have to admit the administrative of this company is perfect." He added that he hope to collaborate with Sammi more often, when asked if he will collaborate with Leon Lai, he said: "We've already collaborated in movies, I would not reject any collaboration with him."

There are reports that Andy is angry that Peter had revealed the details of his contract, Andy clarify: "Contract details should not be revealed, I'm not sure who revealed it, I believed that a public listed company would not do such things, I don't think Peter reveal the details." He express that some media reported inaccurate information which attract unwanted attention from his staffs and commercial companies, thus he had sent out lawyer letters. He said: "The terms and conditions of a contract should not be revealed, if so what's the use of a contract? This spirit of law is very important, lawyers should do this way and it's a requirement."

Andy also revealed that he would be absent for all award presentation ceremonies as he would be on 2 months holiday to accompany his parents after his concerts.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, ent.163.com