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| Saturday, March 22, 2008

Andy Lau and Andy On appeared at Maritime Square ti promote Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, hundreds of citizens gathered at the mall, Maggie Q whom was one of the leads in the movie refuse to participate in the movie's promotion in Hong Kong due to the recent sex photo scandal. Andy did her a favor but pointing out that her management company wanted to protect their artist in order to prevent her from answering sensitive questions, he added that she did not come to promote the movie in Hong Kong is another kind of promotion.

Andy whom was on holiday for a month and return work for the first time yesterday, reporters think that his face is more rounded, Andy quipped: "I did put on weight, haha." Andy revealed that he went to Europe for his holiday, when asked that he earlier exclaimed that he would take a break for 9 months and why he's back to work so early? Andy then quipped that the 9 months that he was saying previously was 9 months without any movie arrangements, yet to received the script of the movie that he would collaborate with Sh Qi thus still not sure when shooting will start, everyone thought that he was resting, still need to work when there is movie promotion need to be done, he revealed that he's currently discussing new movies and will promote when his concert DVD is released next month.

During the activity, Andy played games with the fans, one fan shot the "arrows" at Andy twice, Andy then quipped if that fan was here to revenge!

When talked about the absence of Maggie Q, Andy expressed that he knew about it from the newspapers, he said: "Without her joining the promotion, it's something missing as she does have an important part in the movie." When asked that Maggie Q is so choosy of the promotion country is correct? Andy expressed: "There is not right or wrong, if I'm the boss of course I will feel that it's not right, on the side of the artiste, her management company maybe want to protect her from answering sensitive questions, they want to protect their artistes."

When asked if this will affect the box office takings? Andy expressed: "There's nothing we can do, for what can be done is to do more promotion on my own, of course could not replace her, when she's not coming is another way of promoting, maybe if she was here and she would not be questioned?"

When talked about earlier he was in Beijing to do some Olympic Games work, Andy feel that the report is strange and he had earlier clarified in his blog and explain that whenever he's in Beijing it would be doing something for Paralympic Games. When talked about internet allegations that he would duet with Jackie Chan in the Olympic Games theme song, Andy expressed that there are too much allegations in the Internet and clarified that he received no notice of him singing the theme song, but later he will attend a 100 days Olympic Games activity.

When asked if he would attend the Olympic Games in Beijing, Andy quipped that he had already found the tickets for the opening ceremony and track and field heats tickets, he quipped that he still lack of the tack and field finals tickets, reporters quipped that he would need to seek tickets from Liu Xiang, Andy then burst into laughers and said: "You're so silly!" Andy exclaimed that he hope to watch diving, volleyball and badminton competitions, currently he's asking for tickets from everywhere.

news from: Ta Kung Po, udn news, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News