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| Friday, April 04, 2008

Director Daniel Lee, Andy Lau, Vanness Ng and Jiang Hongbo were om Guangzhou to promote Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. Andy appeared relaxed as he dressed casually as he exclaimed that he accepted to be cast in this film is to fulfill the dream of the director as Three Kingdom is a "dream" to Daniel.

With regards to being nominated for the Best Actor award in the upcoming Hong Kong Films Awards with Jet Li, he hint that he wish Jet to win as he says: "I hope Jet can win. Because he acted very well in The Warlords, even better than he was in Fearless, especially I see him cry in the film, really feel his sadness and touched. I feel nothing when I watch Fearless as he didn't cry but 8 months later, he transformed to another person in The Warlords. What's special is that I'm touched by his crying and hate him when he played villain. After this film, I think Jet is not only an action star, he's a talented actor."

Andy revealed that someone approached him with a script about the life story of Ma Ying-jeou as they hope he would take up the role. Andy said: "I know Ma Ying-jeou and met him in person before, I've read the script but I still need to study it as I hope this script is accurate and would not create any unnecessary guesses, it would be troublesome to have unnecessary guesses."

When talked about his plans for this year, Andy expressed that film company approached him to collaborate with Shu Qi in an artistic film but the script is still not completed thus nothing can be revealed at the moment. In the next few months, he does not have any planning thus he could go and watch the Olympic Games. However he still have a wish to collaborate with Sammi Cheng. He said: "I collaborate with Sammi in Love On Diet and Needing You, these 2 films are like a miracle with good box office takings and reviews thus I always wanted to collaborate with Sammi again, we would not collaborate until a good script is found, we need to maintain this legend."

news from: yule.sohu.com