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| Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Maggie Q whom chose not to promote Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but she chose not to neglect the Mainland China market as she along with Andy Lau, Sumo Hung, Jiang Hongbo and director Daniel Lee to attend the premiere and press conference in Beijing. In the press conference, Andy and Maggie Q sing high praise of each other as she praise Andy as the Asian Tom Cruise thus collaborating with him is an honor.

Maggie Q whom had collaborated with Tom Cruise before, she said that it's a honor to collaborate with Asian Tom Cruise Andy who is also a hardworking actor and it's his hardworking and talent that made what he is today.

In the film, she is Cao Cao's granddaughter Cao Yin, she feel that it's a very huge challenge for her as all people would not imagine her taking up this role, but she accepted the challenge and thanked the director for picking her, it's also another honor.

Andy said that many people feel that Maggie Q is not suitable for this role but he can tell everybody that she did acted very well but the pressure that she suffered is not lower than the actors, she worked very hard for the role and did all the actions well, it's encouraging as it would surprise everybody.

Andy also thanked art director Sumo as many actions were specially arranged for him. Sumo than quipped that Andy always claimed that he's old as he said: "It doesn't matter, I'm older than him."

news from: MingPao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, ent.qq.com, Sina.com