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| Thursday, April 03, 2008

Period epic film Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon held its premiere and meet-the-fans session at Beijing's UME Cineplex around 10:00 pm on 1 April. Director Daniel Lee, Andy Lau, Sumo Hung, Maggie Q and the young actress who is the young Cao Yin went onto the stage to mingle with the audience after the screening of the film.

It was a full house, filling up the 460 seats in hall 5 of Beijing UME Cineplex, the tickets were sold out 3 days before the premiere. After the screening, Andy carried the young actress onto the stage to meet the audience which they reacted with screams. Director Daniel Lee and Sumo Hung then follow going up the stage. Andy's friendly and comical answers made the audience burst into laughters and the atmosphere was brought to a new height.

When talked about the scenes opposite Maggie Q, Andy said that heroes always failed to escape from the traps of beauties as he quipped that he's worried that the beauty would get hurt. Thus when asked if he's afraid that beauty would done harm to his career thus he is still not married? Andy quipped: "Then, I will look for one ugly woman to wed, then there will be no worries!" Jiang Hongbo whom was his wife in the film said that Andy is too professional, he can be a good actor but not a good husband, Andy replied: "I'll change!"

In addition, Andy was also interviewed by Sina and was asked if this film will be compared with Chow Yun Fat's Escape from Huang Shi which will be screened around the same time. Andy returned the question by asking: "What do you think? (Reporter: I don't think so, your film will do better!) I'm happy to hear this, actually there is also The Forbidden Kingdom." Andy expressed that there will be different films being screened during the golden slots, he does not mind other films doing better than his, as long as his film is not losing money.

news from: ent.qq.com, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News