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| Saturday, May 03, 2008

Andy Lau, Liza Wong, Alex Fong, Leo Ku and fellow artistes had successfully completed their torch bearer task. However, Liza, Leo and Alex whom had were used to huge events were sleepless the night before.

Wearing sports gear, Andy was full of smile with his hand holding onto the torch as he run out from Nathan Road, throughout his run, he was welcome with cheers from the on-lookers as they wave their red flags, it was a joyful atmosphere as everyone wants to catch a glimpse of Andy. Initially it was raining in the morning, but when the ceremony starts, the sky are clear. Within the short distance of 200 meters, Andy kept waving to the on-lookers by the side of the road, large group of fans were also present to show their support, some fan arrived as early as 5 in the morning to support their idol, when they see their idol, they shouted: "Andy, I feel honor for you."

When the artistes finished their torch bearing duties, they are scheduled to gather at Hong Kong Cultural Centre to meet the media, but too many tourists and onlookers there, the area was jam packed, thus they leave the area after several minutes. Andy whom was the 4th torch bearer appeared with the citizens cheering for him, some even shouted "Jia You" for him. Andy managed to complete the task with a smile and in a relaxed manner. Andy expressed that he's feeling OK after completing the task but feel nervous before the task, he said: "I will remember this moment, ti spread the spirit of the Olympic Games, I would like to compete for Hong Kong, because China to be the organizing country for Olympic Games would be in my next life." With regards to the chaos in the Cultural Centre, Andy exclaimed that he's not worried as this is an historical moment, with the people able to see him so closely, they naturally would be more enthusiastic. With regards to the torch and the clothes he wore, he would be displaying them in his fan club for fans to admire them.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Apple Daily News