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| Sunday, May 04, 2008

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When the list of 120 names of the torch bearers were announced, the list contain names of people from all range which includes sportsmen, businessmen, millionaire's children, showbiz personnels which includes artistes Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Kelly Chen, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Alex Fong and Liza Wong. Among them, Andy was picked to be the first artist to be the torch bearer.

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, no matter its movies or music, Andy had won countless awards. Andy's image, movies and songs accompanied different generation people growing up. During the 4 Heavenly Kings era, other than Andy, who still remain standing tall? Step by step Andy had come by to prove his hard work and success, it's written as an evergreen artist legend.

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Andy's success is related to his character, charisma and hardworking. In showbiz, Andy is the role model of hardworking. In showbiz, many artistes had allegations, no matter big or small stars they could not escape from allegations or scandals, some even get themselves involved with allegations to keep their career alive. Andy is not only handsome and has a healthy image, his action is also healthy, all bad things is far away from Andy.

Different from other superstars, Andy is friendly and never put on airs, unlike some artistes whom got popular will find proud of themselves as these artistes do not care about the fans, care-less of their feelings and never participate in any community activities. Can these artistes' career be as long as Andy's?

Professional, respecting others, with love and concern, keep himself away from allegations, these are the reasons why Andy could remain popular up till today. Andy being selected as the first among the artistes to be the torch bearer is not unexpected, he earned it. Andy once said that he would like to be second as he would be happy being second because he had a target to look forward to, being number one there would be nothing to look forward to. But being number 2, Andy had already out-did number one.

When asked of his feeling being the torch bearer, an excited Andy said: "This is a historical moment, I'll always remember it. When holding onto the torch, I feel that I spreading the spirit of the Olympic Games, I wanted to represent Hong Kong because when China is the host country of the games, it would be in my next life, thus I'm very careful, as I show off my most beautiful smile." It was said that for each torch bearer, a torch will be given to them as remembrance. When asked where he would keep the torch, Andy express that he considered displaying the torch together with the uniform he wore in his fan club.

news from: Sina.com , Sing Tao News, ent.qq.com