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| Saturday, May 03, 2008

On 2 May, the Olympic Games torch relay reached Hong Kong and it's a gathering of Hong Kong celebrities.

Among them, Andy Lau was the fourth to appear and he was the first Hong Kong artist as the torch bearer.

Still the handsome face, friendly smile, Andy had a good start as he run pretty fast, and it seems that he was influence by the torch.

As though as "passing his love around", Andy passed this significant and beauty to everyone standing beside the road, seeing his right hand holding the torch, he waved to the on-lookers with his left hand, the on-lookers in return also showed him support with cheers and applause.

After running for 200 meters, Andy revealed his feelings, he said: "Even gone through many big situations, but I'm still feeling nervous, meanwhile I console myself that I'm being recognized as an artist." Andy expressed that it's a hard chance to come by to be a torch bearer, to be able to watch the Olympic Games on home land is an honor.

"This maybe the only chance in my life to see Beijing being the organizing country of the Olympic Games, I'm very lucky to be able to buy the tickets for the opening ceremony and semi-finals. I love to watch volleyball, diving, but I failed to buy the tickets, nothing is perfect."

"In addition, Liu Xiang's 110 meters sprint is a must watch, hope I can get the tickets." Andy anticipated the Beijing Olympic Games."

He added his understanding about being a torch bearer: "I feel that being an artist, to be able to be one of the torch bearer, most importantly is able to see the respect given to artist, I'm delighted to be recognized by the society." With regards to millions on-lookers by the roadside watching the torch relay, Andy does not appeared surprised as he said: "There are so many people today, but I'm not surprised, because everyone I bump into had told me that they will come to watch."

Talking about Andy, he had many achievements throughout his career, after the Outstanding Young Person awarded to him in 2000, after so many year, Andy had been doing his part for charity and the community, from singing 'Zhong Guo Ren' to shooting community commercial. On 30 April, Andy went to Beijing TV station to record "Sing for Olympic" as he collaborate with Paralympic Games swimming champion Liu Wei.

Andy is always active in charity and the Paralympic Games, when talked about the disabled sportsmen challenging themselves and doing their best, Andy said: "I really wanted to do my best for them, I feel that they are really determined and never give up."

[[Watch the streaming video of Andy in the torch relay run here!!]]

news from: Net Ease (www.163.com), sohu.com