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| Saturday, May 24, 2008

The earthquake in Sichuan had catches the attention of the world, in an online 3-minutes long report in CNN International news, Andy Lau was interviewed as he was the one whom wrote the lyrics of Promise.

In the short interview, Andy answer all questions in English, when talked about the feeling of raising funds with many other singers, with tears in his eyes, Andy coughed and express that this disaster make one very depressed, he hope that the victims would recover soon as he promise everyone would do their best to support Sichuan, he said that it's the responsibility of all Chinese, as per he wrote in the lyrics: "We wanted you to return you your original life, confirmed that this is the promise of a lifetime."

In addition, CNN will telecast a 30 minutes special program China's Earthquake: From disaster site to rebuilding, as it would talk about the Sichuan earthquake in detail.

news from: SingTao News, Apple Daily News