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| Friday, May 02, 2008

"Enemy always meet the enemy". Andy whom had just returned to Hong Kong from Beijing after attending Olympic Games activities bumped into international actress Mia Farrow whom looked down on the Olympic Games. Obviously Andy does not know much about Mia Farrow, but when told about Mia Farrow "objecting the Olympic Games", his face immediately change color and said: "It don't sound so nice, why did she do that?" before walking away quickly.

When Mia Farrow was walking toward the counter to go through the custom, Andy and his assistants quickly took their luggages and walked past behind her, they were so near to each other. When asked Andy: "Mia Farrow had touched down, did you see where is she?" Andy replied in a courteous manner: "Who is she?"

Both are superstar but one supported the Olympic Games while the other detest it, and both does not know each other. The reporters immediately explained: "She's the actress from America that asked Beijing to boycott the Olympic Games!" After hearing what the reporters said, Andy immediately walked away and go through the custom to prepare for his torch bearer duty today.

news from: Ming Pao