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| Wednesday, June 04, 2008

After completing Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign, Andy Lau immediately jet off to Hainan Island Sanya to attend the press conference of Sunshine Action.

The event was held at the function hall of Kempinski Hotel. He was there to auction off his Olympic torch-bearer relay torch, other than his torch being auctioned, another two torches are from the Hainan Island locals (Zhao Yu Ying and Han Yan).

The fund raised will be used to form Olympic torch Sunshine Charity Fund, which will be used to help in the education needs for the Sichuan earthquake victims.

The main motive of this event is to help the children get out of the bad memories of the earthquake, allow them to go into new schools.

When the first torch was being auctioned, Andy immediately joined in the bidding as he managed to win the bid with ¥750,000. The torch that Andy bid belong's to Miss. Zhao Yu Ying, Hainan TV station newscaster.

With regards to Andy's torch, the organizer arranged it to be the last to be auctioned, the audience got excited as the base price is ¥1000,000. When Andy appeared for the auction, he was welcomed by loud applause and cheers.

After many rounds of bidding, the torch was dealed at ¥1900,000 to International Data Group. With selling and buying, Andy managed to raise ¥2650,000 (around HK$2980,000). The auction of the 3 torches managed to raise ¥3150,000.

When asked if he's satisfied of the price, Andy said: "I can't say whether I'm satisfied, most importantly is the raised amount will reach the Sichuan earthquake children victims, the torch that I decided to auction off is very meaningful to me."

He added: "I treasure it very much, it's the promise of my life, although I can't bare to part with it, but donating the torch to the children, it also represent my promise to them, together with them, there you and there's me."

Andy expressed that there are many other things to do for the victims, most importantly is to stabilize the mental conditions of those children whom lost their family to the earthquake, and rebuilding their homeland.

He said: "Finding a shrink to do some mental consolation for the children is important, they had experience shock and terror, they would cry out of a sudden."

The organizer had arranged 80 children to attend the Sunshine Action, Andy had close contact and played games with them. Andy expressed that he was touched by the strong will of the children during his earlier site visit.

Andy exclaimed that similar disaster happened in Russia a few years ago and the children also has the same issue of crying out of a sudden, the Russian hired shrinks to give mental consolation to the children, thus China should do the same to give the children mental consolation of 2-4 weeks.

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