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| Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Organized by Hainan TV station, Hainan Tourism Board and Chengdu Commerical Daily, Love & Care, Sunshine Action (literally translated) had more and more support for well known people from the society, showbiz and sports world. The organizer had revealed that after Andy Lau, Crystal Liu Yifei, Lin Zhiling, Ewong Yung, Olympic champion Yang Ling and fairytale king Zheng Yuan Jie would be accompanying more than 80 orphans whom lost their parents in the earthquake for a heart warming moment.

At the hotel that the children would be staying, a charity auction will be held where Andy will be donating the Olympic torch for auction. There will also be a dinner with the children.

In another fund raising event, Joey Yung expressed her admiration for Andy when talked about her site visit to Sichuan, she said: "The victims were delighted to see Andy, even patients on drip also came forward to see him, if I've the attraction of him, it would be another kind of blessing!"

In addition, the winners of 7th MTV Music Awards Japan 2008 (VMAJ) were announced. Andy's song 'Yi' had won the Best buzzASia Chinese singer award.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, HK Headlines, yule.sohu.com