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| Sunday, June 01, 2008

Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Leon Lai, Andy Hui, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho and Richie Ren and fellow Media Asia artistes attended the For the Name of Life fund raising event at Chengdu TV station two nights ago.

6-years-old Siyu was buried under her collapse school during the earthquake, when she was being rescued, her lower body was buried by bricks and soil, lying beside her were her deceased classmates, she was not crying, instead she told her rescuers: "I'm not crying, all of you please don't cry", she then sang 'Liang Zhi Lao Hu' for her rescuers. When Xiyu met Andy on the stage, she said: "Hello, uncle!" Andy then quipped: "You addressed me as uncle? Addressed me as brother will do! Haha." Xiyu was at a lost of words to answer. Andy told Siyu that he also had a fan named Siyu whom is current a volunteer worker in Sichuan.

Other than duet Promise with the other singers, Andy was also the finale performer as he sang Chinese, he said: "I'm proud to be a Chinese." The audience waved the Chinese flag as the whole venue is a sea of red.

Siyu later went to the backstage area to meet the singers to seek autographs from them. Andy immediately drew a drawing for her.

news from: Ming Pao, SingPao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po