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| Thursday, June 05, 2008

For the past half month, Andy Lau was the initiator of the Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign, compose the lyrics for the campaign theme song Promise, performed and prepared in the fund raising gala show on 1 June, brought Sammi Cheng and Joey Yung to the site visit in Sichuan, however all his contributions exchanged for allegations. After being pointed out of donating $100,000 as too little and need to do more charity works to make up for it. Yesterday, a magazine alleged that Andy wanted to be the mainstay thus he strike off Eason Chan and Jacky Cheung names from the site visit list and thus missed the chance of performing in the Chengdu fund raising event, therefore he's at loggerheads with Andy. Meanwhile, during the Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign actual event, Andy was like the male lead as he bow to the performing artistes at the end of the event, thus he was bombarded by netizens.

With regards to the allegation concerning Eason, his manager Katie Chan exclaimed: "Rubbish! Why would Andy stop anyone from the site visit, everybody wanted to do their part. Artistes whom are agile are more suitable for the visit, being clumsy Eason is not suitable of going. Andy and Eason has a good relationship with each other, it's a happy thing doing charity together, Andy should not be blamed. The allegation will not affect their friendship, we will take it as a joke."

HK Performing Artistes Guild chairman Alan Tam expressed that there is no reason that Andy would disallow Eason to go to the site visit and perform in the Chengdu event. From what he know, the list of performing artistes were hand-picked by the local TV station, Andy has no say in it. With regards to the several allegations to Andy, Alan revealed: "I've talked about it with Andy, I told him doing how much does not matter, most importantly is not to be pulled around by people. Andy did sighed that he did not need to follow what people told him to! I then told him that he need not be angry as he's a leader and have a long path ahead of him, he need to pull this away in order to continue."

Jackie Chan also supported Andy as he said: "Of course Andy would not stop Eason from going to the site visit! There's no such matters."

news from: Ming Pao, SingTao News, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po