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| Saturday, July 26, 2008

For the upcoming Olympic Games, Andy Lau, Emil Zhou, Jay Chou and many musicians had created music for the games. With the opening ceremony near the corner, people started to make guesses of the game's theme song, when one are listening to the past games' theme songs, all efforts by singers touches everyone ....

On the opening ceremony on 8 August, the theme song for the Olympic Games will be announced. Currently everyone had their "favorite choice". Gathering from major websites, forums, discussion boards, it was found that Andy Lau's Everyone is No. 1 had the most support, the music video of the song is also cannot be compared.

During the shooting of the video, Andy also transform himself into a person with disability as he also wore an artificial limbs with his leg bandaged. By looking at the images, the fans will realized that it's a tough process. Professional Andy exclaimed that it's not tough during shooting, but when he went back to the hotel, he will feel pain throughout his whole body.

"I'm a healthy person, after wearing the artificial limb then I know how tough it is because one has to get used to many things, but they would require it for the rest of their life, it would be more tougher for them when compared to us." Andy think that it's unforgettable to wear the artificial limb and go onto the Great Wall of China, he said: "It's really very tough when going up, it's like a few steps then will require NG, this is not good, it will give away as it's not attached properly then the artificial limb will fall out." When Andy completed that scene, everyone applause him. "That time I feel that I'm really a sportsman, really falling down and picking oneself up many times, upgrade to a higher level.

In the music video, Andy also need to use a wheelchair which he used with ease, this is also an unforgettable experience for him. He's lucky to have shoot scenes on a wheelchair in his past movies, thus he learn how to move on a wheelchair.

Up till now, Andy does not know if he would be singing this song during the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony, however no matter if he's performing, he do hope to be present at the opening ceremony as it was known that he had already bought the tickets.

When asked of the past Olympic Games theme song, Andy said 1988's Hand In Hand gave him the deepest impression. "I feel that the song is a common feel, I hope that this year's Olympic Games song can also have a common feel as it can be accepted by everybody. Not to a very high extent, but it must be a great song that will directly moved everyone." According to Andy, the song that has the expression of everyone united is very important to be a good Olympic Games theme song.

news from: http://www.cnwnews.com, sina.com