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| Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recently, Carina Lau whom recently recount her sorrow of being kidnapped many years ago. Manfred Wong whom was once the chairman of several Hong Kong Films Awards wrote in his blog about the incident of Hong Kong actors being forced to shoot movie by triads, he wrote: "Other than Carina Lau, those being forced for location shooting in Holland includes Andy Lau and Alex Man, this is the movie that Andy had a gun pointed to his head."

In actual fact, triad members forcing actors was a minor incident in Hong Kong showbiz during those years. In the article, Manfred express that during those times, triad members challenged the law, force actors to shoot films, news of managers being held at gun point kept reported, other than the popular actors at a lost, they also could not sleep for several days, sometimes they also are not paid.

However he sighed: "Those time Hong Kong movie industry was doing very well, even triads wanted to earn this money, it shows that this business can make money, be it movie investors or cinemas were all making money. When money can be earned, the triads will be interested, thus it's really the golden generation of Hong Kong movie industry."

Manfred revealed the more popular the actor during that period, the actor will be "hand-picked" by the triad boss. He said: "During that time, some Taiwanese film companies were manipulated, when someone offered a price that for whichever movie with Andy Lau, they will offer HK$8000,000 to purchase it, during those times, Andy's asking fee was just HK$1000,000 - $2000,000, the production fee for a film total up to HK$3000,000 - $4000,000, in other words, to be able to engage the services of Andy Lau, one can earn HK$3000,000 - $4000,000 even before shooting starts, it's easy money." However how to engage the services of Andy Lau would need some effort. According the understanding of reporters, Andy was one of the actors that being forced by triads the most time, there was a period that he was involved in several "lousy films", he could not make a choice.

In Deadly Sin, Andy whom went location shooting with Carina in Holland was the movie that Andy filmed with a gun pointed to his head.

When contacted by reporters, Manfred admitted that he wrote the blog entry, he said: "The content is reliable, I'll be responsible for what I wrote." However he does not wish to accept further questions from reporters, Manfred said: "It's rainstorm everywhere during that period, luckily the movie industry still get to develop, with the current downturn of the Hong Kong movie industry, the fees paid are lower, triads are no longer interested."

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com