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| Friday, July 18, 2008

Heart warming music, beautiful images, touching dialogue had affirms the status of 100 Years hair care. The phrase "tone your hair, Centaine 100 Years" commercial gave people a refreshing and joyful feel, it's unforgettable for many. With heavenly king megastar Andy to endorse C Nice Group's 100 Years Hair Care was announced around the country, it received good feedback and attention of many.

No matter on the silver screen or in real life, Andy has a healthy, mature, fashion image among Chinese all over the world. Despite his age, his smile still gave confidence and warmth. His handsome looks, healthy lifestyle, professionalism, active in charity works and responsible to the society, his upright character to become the ideal lover of many Oriental females.

With all the above mentioned characteristics, it matches the characteristics of 100 Years Hair Care, thus the collaboration is forged.

Being picked as the spokesman for the newly packaged 100 Years Hair Care, evergreen Andy talked about his special and traditional view on health and love, he said: "Beauty within oneself is true beauty, beauty is not rated on health." With regards to the woman in his heart, Andy's requirement is rather traditional and oriental, he said: "A woman whom know how to love is surely an intelligent woman, no matter its lifestyle and career need to maintain a balance, love also needs efforts to manage. I believe love and hair are the same, they can be everlasting. Love and hair is the same, with a balance maintenance, you'll see true love one day. Use your heart to take care of it, Centaine 100 Years." This is the classic philosophy brought to you with his collaboration with 100 Years Hair Care.

news from: http://www.cnnice.com, bbs.163.com