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| Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mainland China's Liu Xiang retires from the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games with an injury when lining up to run the 110-meter hurdles.

Andy Lau posted an article in his website using Andox in a comic to encourage Li Xiang. With regards to him retiring due to the injury, Andy said: "I believed 1.3 billion people hope he would have a speedy recovery more than the missed chance of winning a gold medal, he will have more chances in future, health is more important."

Although Guo Jingjing is the idol of all Chinese, however she also has idols too. When she visit Hong Kong with her diving team-mate Fu Mingxia in 2000, she got to meet Andy whom also signed Fu Mingxia as one of his company's artistes but nothing came out of it. She was also fan of Taiwanese boy band F4, got to photograph with Aaron Kwok when she went to watch Formula One Powerboat Grand Pix in Shanghai.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po