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| Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One is a swimming pool hero, the other a showbiz heavenly king, they admired one another, this allowed them to become good friends. Four years ago, they made a promise to watch the Chinese flag raised in National Swimming Centre (nicknamed Water Cube).

Four years later, although this promise only came true for the first half, but it's still an interesting story for them.

He Jun and Andy Lau had become good friends after the Athens Paralympics Games, this had become a talking point, on one side He Jun's spirit had influence Andy, whereas Andy allow He Jun to experience a different lifestyle.

On 8 September 2008, He Jun compete for the first time for the Beijing Paralympics Games in Water Cube, as promised Andy was seated among the audience.

During the whole competition, an excited Andy kept using his own DV (digital video recorder) to record his surroundings, when a new world record is created, he cheered and applause. At the end of each competition, he also discussed with those around him, he do looked like a professional.

After close to two hours of waiting, He Jun finally made his appearance in the Water Cube. Meanwhile, Andy stand up with a bouquet of flower in his hands and start to applause for his friend. He also urged the volunteers standing near him to join him to cheer He Jun. From the moment of He Jun jumping into the water, Andy kept applauding. When He Jun was giving his last burst of swimming, Andy even shouted and cheered him.

However when He Jun failed to win as he swam 0.15 seconds slower, Andy sighed at the result. When the huge screen displayed the result, Andy seems unable to accept the reality as he looked shell-shocked and remained standing. Those whom went along with him double confirmed the result with him, Andy showed two of his fingers.

When the giant screen replayed the last lap, Andy and company pointed to each others' shoulder, maybe they were saying that He Jun's lack of strength in his shoulder cause him to slow down.

Although he failed to see his friend raise the Chinese flag in the Watercube, but Andy still applause for the winner. Maybe he's having a tight schedule, Andy left immediately after watching the contest.

news from: sohu.com, gb.cri.cn

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