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| Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McDonalds World's Children Day Teddy Bear Bear activity was held at Causeway Bay yesterday, Andy Lau was invited as he brought along Andox and Blackie with him.

Andy also personally introduce the teddy bear bear that he designed.

He also demonstrate how to play the Andox and Blackie online game.

Andy's shirt has an image of Andox, he express that the shirt is a present from a shirt designer friend, there is only one shirt.

Andy quipped that Andox and Blackie are more popular than him, he would like them to be his spokesmen because he need to appear serious when attending activities, thus he must behave himself.

When reporters tried to interview them, Andy immediately used the incident of "Joseph Lau Luen-hung being hit by the microphone", he said: "Can! But please don't hit them with the sign on the microphone."

Everyone burst into laughters. Andy exclaimed that he was hit on the head by the microphone sign too, bue he didn't lose his anger as non-agitated questions were asked.

In addition, it was reported that Andy made a profit of $1 billion despite the financial tsunami, Andy is very nervous as he urge all reporters not to made up stories, because it's a sensitive topic, he stressed: "I can't find so much money! All along I can't find such huge amount of money!"

Shu Qi did mention before that Andy's asking fee is 10 times more! Andy replied: "I always asked for low fees, if I still lower my fees, I would not be paid! Maybe I'm just a bit more expensive than her."

Andy also expressed that he would be collaborating with Barbie Hsu in Future Cops (literally translated), but the details of The Host 2 China Version had not being confirmed, but he had watched The Host several times because he wanted to know how the male lead Song Kang-ho beat him to become the Asia Film Awards Best Actor.

Andy added that Song Kang-ho deserved to win the award.

In addition, with regards to recent reports of him going holiday in France with alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian, as per expected Andy replied: "Be good, don't ask such questions," before making a quick exit.

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