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| Friday, November 07, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau was in Phuket, Thailand for the shooting of his new album music video and took photos for his album's sleeve. In the music video, Andy is a love god as he carried 2 chocolates named "love" and "hope" respectively, he distributed the chocolates to couples. During shooting, it was a chaotic period in Thailand, Phuket is also affected, Andy had to stay there for an additional day before he can jet back to Hong Kong.

Ever since joining East Asia, his new album will be released this month, East Asia boss Peter Lam had set orders to make huge promotion for this album without considering the budget. Ten thousands of dollars were spend for the location shooting in Phuket, Thailand in August.

The shooting was carried out on a beach, the set on the beach need several ten thousands dollars. The shooting started in the morning and ended at night, during high tide, the set was almost drowned by the sea water, the crew members immediately used sand bags to protect the set from getting wet.

In the new song, 'Wei Dao Shang Xin Chu' music video, Andy is a love god as his profession is to pull red strings between male and female, for those whom had ate his chocolate labeled Love and Hope, their dreams will come true, every couple will have different feelings when they ate the chocolate, Andy said: "Love is like chocolate, at first bite it's either bitter or sweet, love is the same which will give you different feeling."

On the day of shooting, there happens to have strike on the local streets, it later transform into riots, the Phuket airport had to be shut down. At the beach where Andy is shooting also have riot nearby, the soldiers order them to stop shooting. As Andy does not have any free dates, thus shooting cannot be delayed thus they made requests to the soldiers whom agree to let them carry on shooting, the shooting was completed successfully. As the airport was closed, Andy had to stay for another day in order to return to Hong Kong safety.

Although there was riots in Thailand, Andy is not worried as he said: "How could this be considered scary, I remembered during 911, I'm in Australia, I never thought that America would be attacked, there was chaos for all the flights in Australia, I had to stay at the airport for one whole week, I went to the airport everyday to queue for a ticket, only till the end of the day than I know I didn't get a ticket, thus had to take a car back to the hotel, I was "stucked" at the airport for one week before I can return to Hong Kong, thus staying an additional day in Thailand is nothing!"

news from: Apple Daily News

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