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| Thursday, November 06, 2008

Starring Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Xu Jiao and Mike He, directed by Wong Jing, the start shooting ceremony for Future Cops was held yesterday.

The ceremony was conducted by White Dragon King, thus all the cast wore white, only Xu Jiao wore gray, Barbie stole the limelight with her cleavage showing dress.

Andy is a time traveling cop in the film, he will be wearing a robot suit and helmet, he would looked like a metal man. As there are several fighting scenes, Andy said: "As Ching Siu Tong is involved, thus I would need to be hang on wires, I think it would be something like what you saw in the Olympic Games opening ceremony."

Some actors lowered their fees due to the financial tsunami, Andy exclaimed that his asking fees is low, thus he could not lower it further. Andy revealed that this movie was discussed a long time ago, but I was too busy during the Olympic Games, thus shooting only can start now.

Xu Jiao will be Andy's daughter and have a time crossing love relationship with Barbie. Andy pointed out that when shooting Looking For A Star, he had also went to visit Xu Jiao during her shooting, thus they had known each other. When asked if she was affected by the financial tsunami, Xu said that it would depended on the director, with regards whether she's nervous when collaborating with Andy.

She burst into laughters and said: "Nope. I'm very lucky, he's very handsome." As both Andy and Stephen Chow are her father in her movies, she was asked which is more handsome? Xu Jiao looked embarrassed as she does not know how to answer, Andy immediately said: "Of course it's me, I've my charisma, I'm handsome." Xu Jiao then burst into laughters and said: "Yes."

With regards to the love relationship with Barbie, Andy expressed that he witness how she entered into showbiz, but this will be their first collaboration, when asked if there will be any kissing scene? Andy immediately said that this is an healthy movie, there shall not be any. Barbie then express that when Andy put his hands on her shoulder to take photograph is enough to make her faint, if there is kissing scene, she could really faint.

She exclaimed when she was in Hong Kong earlier to promote Connected, she did mentioned that she would like to collaborate with Andy, in a blink of an eye, her dream came true, she also added that she don't mind collecting a lower fee in order to collaborate with Andy. She pointed out: "Tsui Hsu had already said that she will visit me on the set! She's envy of me. (What about asking the director to arrange a character for her?) There's no suitable role for her."

This will be the first movie for Mike, she had been shooting in Mainland China for the past 3 months, 3 days ago he just went back to Taiwan for one night and the second day he set off to Hong Kong, he quipped that he almost forgot about his home.

He will be Andy's superior in the film, when asked if he's pressurize? He said: "It's still ok now, hope I don't embarrass myself, scared it will affect him, there should be many actions in the film, but I'll passed myself to the director." He exclaimed that he had many movie offers previously but his manager did not accept them, with the acceptance of this movie, this should be the best among all offers.

When asked if he get a chance to scold Andy in the movie, he said: "There should be space for development. I don't dare to scold him, he's my idol."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News, hkheadline.com, Sing Pao

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