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| Friday, November 28, 2008

Future Cop, a scientific film invested $1 billion, directed by Wong Jing, starring Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Barbie Hsu is currently shooting at Beijing's China (Huarirou) Movie & TV Industry Zone.

On 27 November 2008, media were invited for their first visit. They were shooting a scene of a Tang dynasty valuables exhibition opening. Andy and Fang Bingbing appeared in their future cop attire, Xu Jiao whom made her name in CJ7 appear as a pretty girl.

On the of the visit, they are shooting the scene of a Tang dynasty valuables exhibition opening. In the opening, villains tried to kidnap a respectable scientist acted by Ma Jing Wu. Team captains Andy and Fan lead a team of future cops to protect Professor Ma, this follows a battle between good and evil. In this battle, Andy return to the past and his wife Fan is killed.

It seems that the outfit of the future cop has a future feel, the carbon gray tight fitting uniform had a metallic feel, they also have some special weapons. It is understand that the weapon is just for show, their effects will only be known after computer special effect being added. Everybody think that the actors looked cool in this outfit, but movements are limited as its too tight fitting. Andy once had his pants torn due to extreme movements, Chan Siu-tong quipped: "We just sewn it back and everything will be OK."

Fan Bingbing exclaimed that the uniform looked like diver suits. Andy complains: "It's troublesome when going to the gents, when I wear it, it looked like female gear, removing it will take some efforts, it's too tight fitting."

This will be Andy's second collaboration with Fan Bingbing after Battles of Wits, both of them have chemistry and confidence of this collaboration. Andy quipped that he had a courtship in his previous collaboration with Fan, but this time he skipped the process as she is his wife at the beginning of the movie, they also have a "love product".

Their daughter Xu Jiao is very active as it can be seen that Andy and Fan showed a lot of concern to her as if they're a happy family.

Andy showed a lot of concern for his "daughter" as Xu Jiao was sitting on his lap throughout the interview.

When asked if she prefer Andy or Stephen Chow as her "father", Andy came to her rescue by saying: "Just say it's Stephen, I'm Ok with it." Xu Jiao exclaimed: "Stephen is a very cool father, Andy is the handsome type of father."

It can be seems that Andy and Xu Jiao share a very close relationship, thus reporters asked Andy if he would like to have a cute daughter like Xu Jiao, Andy immediately clear his throat and said while pointing to Xu Jiao: "She is my daughter."

In this movie, Andy get to collaborate with many beautiful actresses. In the future, his wife is Fan Bingbing, in the current time he had a buddy in Barbie Hsu, Barbie's assistant is another beauty in Liu Yang, when asked which one of them is his favorite, Andy quipped: "I loved all of them, if possible, I wish all of them to be my girlfriend."

On the day of shooting, Andy seems to be very courteous with the reporters, wearing the future cop uniform, he had to perform stunts together with Liu Yang on the high platform.

He had no complaints after an afternoon of shooting, his professionalism won the praise of the production team.

Liu Yang whom was nicknamed to be the actress that Wong Jing strongly promoting said that she met Andy for the first time, having collaborate with many Hong Kong's best actor winners, she said that she is nervous when she first saw her idol Andy.

Meanwhile Andy said that he had collaborate with many beautiful actresses before thus he's not nervous.

The afternoon shooting is mainly about Andy and Liu Yang as they battle robots from the future, they kept perform stunts on the platform as they tune their weapons and rescue people.

Director Wong Jing revealed that to show off the "futuristic world", large amount of computer effects will be used, the vehicle of Andy and his team of future cops will also be eye catching. It's heard that the movie will gave more than 900 special effects scenes, it can be the Chinese film with the most special effects scenes.

When asked about the difference of this movie with Hollywood movies, Wong Jing express that Hollywood films are too cold whereas Oriental productions are more humanise. Andy also express that actually Asian film technologies can be comparable with Hollywood, thus this movie will not lose out to Hollywood movies.

When asked of the high price paid for this film, Andy helped Wong Jing by saying that his asking fees is too expensive, Wong Jing added that the fees for art director Chan Siu-tong is also very expensive.

Andy then quipped: "Correct, I never expected that Chan Siu-tong is more expensive than me."

In recent years, Andy had been cast in major productions, or some moody or villain characters, it had been a long time since Andy accepted any comedies, all would have know that Wong Jing's production has been more imaginary, this would be far different from Andy's past films. Thus everyone is curious why Andy decided to take up this film. With regards to this, Andy said: "When I set up my own film company in 1991, Cai Song Ling was one of my sponsor. He had not shoot a movie for many years, he told me about this movie 3 years ago, thus I told him to write the script slowly, I will surely accept the movie. Never expected that he changed the script 19 times."

When asked if he accepted the film to return the favor of Cai, Andy said: "That sound so bad! Of course this is not one of my consideration. I've not collaborate with Wong Jing for so many years, we had done so well in the past, his movies also touches me."

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