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| Monday, December 29, 2008

Heavenly King Andy Lau appeared at Beijing Happy Valley for the contract signing of his 2 "sons". When interviewed, Andy revealed that the family of three will focus most of their work into Mainland China.

The 2 soft toys Andox and Box (Blackie) were born in Gansu during the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. Andox is white in color, has a caring and quiet character whereas younger brother Box is in black, is more active and loved to act cool.

Although they are not real idols but ever since the press conference of A Miracle World, Andy Lau's 2007 - 2008 concert tour and Andy's 2008 birthday party, two of them had been popular with fans, they were so popular that even their "mother" is jealous of their popularity.

Andy said: "Initially it's for fun, because it is Mother's Day thus wanted to have the feelings of becoming a mother". The birth of Andox and Box had touches the softest part of Andy, it allows him to discover truth and cutness, the mischievous kids will be the continuation of his showbiz.

Under the guidance of heavenly king "mummy", the 2 characters had all what it takes to be an artiste as they can sing, dance and host. At the contract signing ceremony, Andox and Box appeared in the center of the stage under the exchange of reality and magical world, their expression won cheers and applause.

Andy said: "Today is the first time I hear them singing 'Zhong Guo Niu', I'm very touched, because I knew they spend a long time to practice this song." 2009 is the year of the Ox, it's the year of Andy and his sons, this song represent the anticipation of Andy for his sons, it's also a blessing to China.

The press conference attracted 300 media and 1,400 fans. Andy also sang 'Cao Ren' with Andox and Box.

Andy quipped: "People would like to have a baseball or soccer team, but I would like to have an ox family of 12 different zodiac, thus they will have all kinds of characters and abilities, it will be a crowded affair."

With regards to the number one for the 2nd Mainland China Highest Commerical Value to become the artiste most worth the money.

Other than thanking everybody's support, he added: "I'm not know in future will there be a similar report for the most popular cartoon character for children, if there is, hope Andox and Box can be listed."

Andy also announced that the 20 years Andy World Club will be reaching from Hong Kong and Taiwan into Mainland China as a new branch will be set up in Shanghai in 2009, there will be a celebration party in Shanghai in February.

Andy said: "Many things happened in 2008, some good some bad, hope in the year 2009, everybody will be a happy year."

With regards of giving up his sons to be signed up by another company in Mainland China, Andy expressed that he was "forced" to sell to the boss, he said: "I have collaborate with boss Kim for a long time, that day I was telling him to help me promote my sons by signing them as his artistes. Boss Kim agrees to sign up both of my son and including me, in the end I also signed up for the benefit of my sons, now I hope the whole family can be taken good care by the boss!"

It is said that Andy will be releasing his new Cantonese album in early 2009 and continue his concert tour in March and April 2009.

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