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| Sunday, December 28, 2008

Future Cops had its location shooting at Wal-Mart Supercenter which is next to Beijing's Happy Valley. Director Wong Jing and art director Chan Siu-tung took care of 5 cameras shooting all angles of Andy Lau's daughter Xu Jiao being kidnapped, Barbie Hsu rescue people, Andy Lau exerted his "powers" till he could fly and goes underground. The professional Andy lie inside the ice-cold cement and Barbie looked good holding a gun, she quipped: "I wanted to hold 2 guns, but the director fear of any danger."

Andy had been Barbie's idol since young, to be able to collaborate with Andy for the first time, she expose: "I really does not know what am I doing, no matter its shooting or not shooting, whatever Andy said to me, I would be in a daze, even when a caring Andy help paste a thermal bag on my back, I didn't said thank you to him." Andy then quipped: "Barbie is like an adult now, she know what to do, please say you love me." Upon hearing, Barbie burst into laughters.

Actually Andy always asked Barbie how to be relax, Barbie said: "There is a scene opposite Andy, I failed to get it right, Andy then asked me to relax, asked me to think about it at the hotel, I discover the bad habit that I got from all the shooting of drama serial that is being too anxious is at it, after all the advice from Andy, I hope I can change and improve."

Even Andy is Barbie's mother idol, Barbie said: "When Andy had his concert in Taipei, my mother attended the concert even suffering from flu, with her sore throat she still shouted: Andy I Love you. Recently she used the intention of visiting me on site to come to Beijing to spend the new year together with Andy, I asked her not to come as we will be working."

news from: udn news