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| Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Popularity throughout Mainland China Andox and Box contract signing press conference was held at Beijing Happy Valley on 28 December. "Mummy" Andy Lau specially went onto the stage to dance and sing for his "sons", showing some support for them entering showbiz. With regards to the birth of the 2 sons, being the "mummy" Andy gave us a detailed answer.

When talked about his anticipation of his two sons, Andy expressed: "I specially hope that they could walked into everybody's family." Holding the role of father and mother to take care of these two children, Andy had tried his best, this time round he "married them out", this would make him more relaxed, "passing them to someone I can trust so that I can continue to work hard on my own work."

Talking about the birth of Andox and Box, Andy said: "In May 2007, I was out location shooting during Mother's Day thus I'm unable to wish my mother "Happy Mother's Day", thus I created a son to self experience being a mother, using this way to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day, Andox was born this way, around one month later I feel that Andox would be lonely thus I created Box, it's just so simple, initially I never thought they would become what they are today, most of them I only introduce them to my fan club, then appearing in my concerts, slowly everybody know about them."

"For my 4 March 2009 concert, I'll be separated from Andox and Box, they will have their own performance in future." The performance of the two characters are very popular thus Andy would like them to be imaginary artistes to earn some money, "You could say that, but I'm not so sure now because they had not earn any money, haha!"

These 2 sons had already exceeded their cartoon character images and become his real family members, "They are not only imaginary cartoon characters, I always feel that they are people beside me, only belong in an imaginary world. When I was location shooting in Beijing and have no time taking care of them, but I will have a reunion with them in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year."

Becoming the mother of these 2 sons, there are sweetness and bitterness, "What I'm worry is their future and their behavior, I hope that they will have a good future, what's blessing is that I have them accompanying me when I'm lonely." When asked if he would favor any of them, Andy quipped: "Currently there is no favoring, this world is fair, I will love who whose performance is better."

If he had real children in future, will he consider allowing them to enter showbiz. Andy thinks that it would depend on the interest of the children, "Andox and Box loved music, they are more popular than me when comes to music events, thus I allow them to enter showbiz, if I have my own children in future, it would depend on whether he/she like it, but I feel that I should be worrying if I "have" children rather than whether my children would enter showbiz."

When asked what's his expectation of Andox and Box, Andy does not wish them to self learning, he said: "I'm in showbiz for so mnay years, my image is a great influence to children, thus I would like someone closer to children image to influence them more."

Becoming the mummy of Andox and Box, Andy admit that he's actively looking for a "father" for them for some time, "I've been looking around, due to my busy work, I have no time to find a suitable candidate."

Chinese New Year is round the corner, being filial, Andy exclaim that he would be duet 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' as a present for his parents.

news from: Sina.com