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| Tuesday, December 21, 2004

At the Jade Solid Gold Singers Voting Night held 2 nights ago, most of the nominated singers attended which includes Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Juno Mak, Edmund Leung, Shawn Yue, Anthony wong, Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Miriam Yeung, Gigi Leung, 2R, Yumiko Cheng, Jade Kwan, Ella Koon and Fiona Sit. In the programme, through the way of games, each singer get to cast a vote for their Most Popular Male, Female Singers and Newcomer. The votes are counted immediately and revealed on the spot. When the results are revealed, for the male singer, Hacken gain the most votes followed by Andy Lau and Andy Hui. Joey lead the female singer while Denise and Miriam share the same number of votes.

The singers that garned the highest votes get to sing. While Hacken sings, both Lau and Hui had different reaction. Lau appeared gentleman as he brings out a chair for Hacken to seat and slowly sing, ocassionally shake his hand to congratulate him as though as congratulate him in advance of winning the Most Popular Male Singer. With regards to Hui, it's not known if he did it purposely as he walk past Hacken and sit down with means of snatching the limelight off Hacken.

Hacken is satisfied to gain the highest vote, he says: "This is more for entertainment purpose, most of them are doing it for fun, however no matter they're serious or not, I'll vote for Andy Lau, (Did you notice someone walk past when you're singing?) Yup, (Hui try to snatch limelight?) I don't care of such matters, he won't do that, I take a look at the recording, (with all the support from all singers, does it increase your confidence of winning?) I think Lau has the highest chance, maybe he will win both Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Male Singer, if it happens I'll be the first one to stand up and clap for him, (Nobody tried that before?) Andy had been to different levels, it'll be difficult to challenge his will of winning, I still take this in a normal manner."

Andy, whose votes is lower than Hacken, exclaimed: "It doesn't matter, from the first day I enter showbiz, I never won among the singers' choice, I would be surprise if I win. Most important is everyone is happy on the actual day of the award ceremony to let down their heavy hearts. "

news from : Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao