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| Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to movie Six Strong Guys, Hacken Lee telephoned Andy Lau to seek bowling tips from him which result these 2 bowling addicts to get together twice a week every month.

At the TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music awards, Andy bagged the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer and Most Popular Male Singer. His plan before the ceremony is to join force with Hacken as they attended TVB's activities and openly help to boost each others' reputation. In the end they finally defeat Leo Ku and Andy Hui.

With 2 awards in the bag, Andy didn't forget about Hacken as he promise to teach Hacken bowling one year for free, he even exclaimed that he'll break the award into two to share with his friend. After saying that, last Thursay Andy ask Hacken out for a 56 rounds in game of bowling for 3 hours.

news from: Next Magazine