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| Thursday, January 20, 2005

The final result slip of the music industry - 27th RTHK Top 10 Chinese Hits Awards was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Joey Yung came out as the Media Award winner with a total of 20 awards, 3 awards more than Andy Lau whom is second with 17 awards to become the biggest winner in 2004. Obviously the zero-award in Commercial Radio is costing Andy the Media Award. A delighted Joey exclaimed with tears in her eyes: "I'm really very happy, never thought of this, hope I can have the chance to recieve this award again in 2005."

Hacken Lee "defeat" Andy for the Best Male Singer award, when the winner was announced, he and Andy immediately hugged each other. Meanwhile the compere revealed that both have almost the same number of votes but Hacken win with a slightly higher number of votes. When Hacken recieve the award, he promise that he will work harder to repay his fans.

Being the special guest performer, Andy held a mini concert as he sang 'Zhong Guo Ren' , 'Ben Xiao Hai' and many other of his hit songs. Then he recieve one of Hit Song award for 'Chang Yan Dao' from the new 4 Heavenly Kings.

The awards that Andy won in RTHK Top 10 Chinese Hits Awards were Year's Top-Selling Male Singer, Country's Most Popular Male Singer Gold award and one of the Top 10 Singers.

news from: MingPao, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News, SingPao, Wei Wen Po, Sun News