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| Monday, January 17, 2005

The charity auction held by Andy Lau was held successfully yesterday as all auctioned items was sold within a mere 6 hours with HK$300,000 raised, the money will be directed to Sun News Caring Charity Fund and Oriental Daily Charity Fund to help the tsunami victims in South-East Asia.

The auction started at 10:00AM where 80 crew members and security guards were hired to maintain order, Hong Kong Physically Disabled sportsman So Wah Wai was also present to lend his support. Fans started to queue outside the venue around 9:00AM with hope of entering the venue early, less than 10 minutes passed, more than 100 T-shirts and sweaters were snapped up! After 30 minutes, 6-7 racks of clothes were sold, among them long and short pants, hats and western suits were hot favorites! Andy who was at home was told of the great response, he immediately add on 70 more clothes and was snapped up within 2 minutes!

The segment where Andy is the auctioneer was the highlight of the day where 300 people particpate in the auction, Andy on the spot add another 8 items which includes Christmas reindeer shorts, hand-drawn 'Running On Karma' shoes, hats & Love On A Diet fatso suits for auction, he says excitedly: "Today is a mixture of people of different age and size, some are presents from others but I let them out for charity sale, if you buy them, you can give it as present to me, later I can let them out for charity sale again!" Holding onto the auctioneer hammer to auction off A Fighter's Blue boxer shorts and gown, he quipped: "Other than my smell, there's also smell of Takako Tokiwa as I was hugging her." He exclaimed that he's bidding it for HK$4000. When auctioning A World Without Thieve's leather jacket and jeans, he added: "This is my most ugly character but my best movie!" He exposed that he had one exactly the same for his private collection.

The long coat that he wore to accept the World Outstanding Young Person was sold off with the highest price of HK$400,000 but the successful bidder Mrs Lee gave it as a present to Andy and he decided to put it in Andy World Club as display.

Then, there was a fans willing to donate HK$1,000 for Andy to sing, Andy quipped: "I'm asking HK$300,000 from TVB, with your caring heart here, I sing for you." When the auction completed, he sang '17 Sui' and 'Wu Xu Dan Xin' to thanks the fans.

Around 4:00PM, almost all items were sold, the total amount collected is HK$250,000, a late-comer named Mrs Wong decided to donated 50,000 to make the total amount to HK$300,000. Andy was touched as he took a photograph and autograph for her in appreciation to her.

The auction was announced to end early at 5:00pm, 4 hours earlier, a total number of 2000 particpated. Andy says: "I'm satisfied with the result, even the new clothes at home is put on sale! I knew someone bought 11 bags of clothes, if he's a businessman, hope he'll sell at normal price and not be too much as I'm doing charity here! Some of my friends gave me money to buy for them, but I fail to do so, I'll ask them to donate the money to my charity fund!"

In addition, someone use Andy's photo to distribute virus on the Internet recently, Andy joked: "Maybe the person know that I'm the Most Popular Male Singer, thus he doctored a photo to see me celebrate, if all want to see my face, the safest place is of course my official website!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao