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| Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In the year of 2004, Andy Lau has sweep through the music and movie industry, 2004 indeed is "Andy Lau Year".

For Andy to become the big brother in movie industry has to meet the prefect timing. Hong Kong showbiz is fading as Leslie Cheung passed away, Tony Leung Chiu Wai had aged since 2046, only Andy could continue to forward and suffer no after effects of age.

Because Andy is Tom Cruise of Hong Kong. Tom started off with the plumb look in Top Gun, Andy also started off with baby fat as in the days of 5 Tigers and Return of the Condor Heroes, it had since passed 20 years. However Tom had accompanied the Americans through 2 Gulf Wars, Hongkongers will recall that Andy also accompany us through the historic Chinese-English united, handover and 7 years of Tung's failed government. Although Tung's hair has grey and gained weight but Andy is still fit and active, thus there are no trace of fats, although there are 3 winkles near his eyes but it just add on to his cool male charisma.

Having past 40-years-old, Andy is still the mainstay in Hong Kong movies as this proves that if there's a huge wave in front, the small wave behind will never push away the wave infront. Andy never stop to challenge and improve himself, this type of spirit cannot be found in the newcomers. Missing in action Daniel Chan is just a flower, Shawn Yue yet to get into the character, Eason Chan was ineffective due to family matters, don't even talk about Edison Chen. Thus Hong Kong audience has to continue support Andy to continue create history.

Back to TVB's 5 Tigers, only Andy remain strong, the others are either aged or put on weight as they retire young. If you're an optician, no matter what glassessyou wear, Andy is the number one fit man in Hong Kong. Although the political Wah had retired, the showbiz Wah still shine, look like Andy is well taken care of by god.

If Tom Cruise is the soul of Americans' movive industry, so when will Andy follow Tom as in Mission Impossible 2 to be hang in mid-air to show off his fit body and skin? This is the ultimate revenge to the "Taiwanese woman" whom had already aged and put on weight. Andy, Hongkongers support you!

news from: EasyFinder Online