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| Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Internet security experts intercepted a virus masquerading itself as photos of Hong Kong star Andy Lau, software security company Rising said.

The virus, dubbed Backdoor. Delf.s, mainly spreads through LAN (local area network) and shows up as "My photos.exe". When users started it, a photograph of Andy Lau will turn up, indicating the computer is already attacked by the virus.

Hackers could control the virus-affected computers and delete any documents in it.

"It was originally a typical backdoor program, but was updated with functions enabling it to spread through LAN. It became especially perplexing under the disguise of movie or sports stars, " said Cai Jun, an anti-virus expert with Rising, based in Beijing.

Increasing viruses under the disguise of movie or sports stars have been spotted, since more hackers are resorting to not only technology, but also celebrities' fame to lure users to download Internet viruses, Cai said.

Lau, one of the Hong Kong pop scene's "Four Heavenly Kings", has kept up his popularity with a steady stream of music and film releases.

news from: Xinhua