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| Sunday, January 16, 2005

Andy Lau Caring Charity Auction will be held today as he will be present as the auctioneer to auction off 6 of his costume which includes the leather coat and jean that he worn in A World Without Thieves. He had decided to waive off the entrance fees for more people to join in the auction.

All the earnings of this auction will be donated to Sun News and Oriental Daily Caring Charity Fund to help the tsunami victims in South East Asia. He was at his fan club at Kwum Tong yesterday for the preparation of the auction as he personally arranged the costumes. Andy will be present for the 2:00PM auction as the auctioneer, the items that he'll auction includes the long coat he wore to recieve the World Outstanding Young Person in Japan, the bathing suit in his concert, the red jacket in Fulltime Killer, A Fighter's Blues boxer shorts, the 1st concert at Hong Kong coliseum costume and the leather coat and jeans in AWWT. When he see the costume that he wore for his first concert, he exclaimed: "Wah, this is the costume I wore on my first concert, really memorable!"

The starting price of HK$70,000 for the long coat worn for the World Outstanding Young Person was lowered to HK$60,000, the bathing suit, concert costume and boxer shorts starting price range from HK$10 - $100, he says: "I hope that more people can join in the bidding, if the price is high, some fans might not afford it, I don't want to force them to spend their money!" If the response is good, Andy consider to add more items on the spot for auction. Actually Andy doesn't bare to lose some of the items that's going to be auctioned but he says: "Sell them! They're outside onself! Able to help others, it's more meaningful that me keeping them."

Initially there is an entrance fee of HK$20, but Andy decided to waive it, he says: "I wish more people can join in the auction, we could also have a tea break in between the auction." During packing, Andy discover some singlet that he wore in his previous concerts and he pick them up to take a photographs.

news from: Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Pao