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| Thursday, January 13, 2005

Andy Lau has an outstanding result in showbiz last year as yesterday it was announced that his lawsuit with Catchy Entertainment had come to an end as he redeem freedom in terms of record company thus become the target of many record companies, among them Peter Lam's Media Asia Records has a high chance while Andy is happy with his past collaboration with EMI, chances of collaborating again is also high.

Andy has a fruitful year last year no matter its movie or music. In the upcoming year of the rooster, Andy and Catchy's year long lawsuit had finally ended yesterday, it can be considered as double happiness. Andy's related company Famous Legend Ltd whose director is Andy's friend Tsui Wai Gok had filed for compensation of HK$1200,000 from Catchy and asked them to wind up business.

The lawsuit was brought up at the high courts yesterday as both parties reach an agreement where Famous Legend agree to redraw its application for Catchy to wind up and was approved thus officially end the lawsuit between Catchy and Andy.

After the out-of-court settlement with Catchy, it relief Andy as he officially redeem his freedom, this where his recording contract is heading to is attracting attention. Actually several record companies had approached him earlier which includes Peter Lam's Media Asia Records and EMI. The 3 albums that Andy released last year includes Coffee or Tea, The Legendary Classic Of Andy Lau and You're The Pride Of My Life which are selling quite well and could win him the IFPI Top Selling Male Singer of 2004 but the latter 2 albums were released under Catchy and the sales figures were not reported to IFPI thus costing Andy the award. With the current downturn in music industry, there are few singers with gurantee sales figures, with Andy guranteed sales figures in Mainland China and overseas market, thus he become the target for major record companies, thus before his lawsuit with Catchy concluded, several companies had already approached him.

However, Andy had already entrust his albums to eversong, a company he collaborated with his father and distribution was handled by EMI, they have a happy collaboration thus EMI had earlier suggest to continue its collaboration with andy, with the addition of EMI being an international company which has an distribution network. According to EMI spokesman, they hope they can continue their collaboration with Andy, even the under prepared Mandarin album, they have started discussing about the distribution thus andy has high chance of signing with EMI.

However since Peter Lam had formed Media Asia Records, he plans to flex his muscles in the music industry as he signed on Leon Lai, Denise Ho, Shu Qi and Sammi Cheng, with the happy collaboration with Andy in the movies and good relationship with him, thus he also in a sure-win situation, with Andy's declaration earlier that he would never suit Peter and consider to be signed by Media Asia. Currently, Peter who is with Andy in Beijing was interviewed through telephone, he says: "I'll collaborate well with Andy in movies and concerts, of course I hope to collaborate with him with his albums, I'm no in a hurry, we can discuss slowly, we'll discuss about it."

In addition, Andy attended Sina.com's Sina 2004 Internet Chinese awards in Beijing last night and was presented 2004 Most Popular Actor award beating Stephen Chow as according to the judging panel, Andy kept making new breakthrough which bring surprise to everyone which Stephen didn't thus his votes exceed every actors and win the award. Andy says: "From 2004 to 2005, there are many good news, after the director activity, filmed the music video for my new song through midnight, never knew when I woke up this morning, recieved a phone call regarding the lawsuit is settled, really relaxed, delighted that it won't dragged over the new year."

With regarding becoming the target of many record companies, Andy says: "Firstly I've to thanks all the record companies, when I'm entangled with the lawsuit, many people lend me a helping hand, everybody is nice to me. With regards to contract problems, I'll discuss about the distribution, I think I'll discuss it after the new year, with many troubles before this, I'll be more careful and serious."

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