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| Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A World Without Thieves has a box office collection of around $110 million in Mainland China, initially scheduled to promote the movie on 17 Jan but due to a performance in Hong Kong on 19 Jan, thus Andy Lau is unable to come as he need to rehearse his dance. He'll be also holding an auction of his costumes to raise funds
for the tsunami victims.

However, it's alleged that he tries to avoid Yu Kexin whom just release her book. When asked, Andy's management company in Taiwan spokesman says: "Andy is very busy, really couldn't take off any time for the promotion." The totally avoided the words - "Yu Kexin".

However Andy has release his Vision Tour 2004 concert live CD which also include a VCD of his rehearsals, you can see that he seek happiness among the toughness to make everyone relaxed as he tied up his hair at the centre. He does some stretching during his free time, he says: "Stretching myself is my own practice for many years, I didn't learn it from anyone, if one want to learn some healthy exercise, must always seek a professional teacher, this VCD is not a teaching material, please don't follow me and get yourself injured."

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Sang Po, China Daily Times