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| Friday, January 14, 2005

For the past year, Andy Lau had won many awards as he won another as Sina 2004 Internet China's Selection's Most Popular Actor in Beijing 2 nights ago. Having won 18 awards in 2004, when asked if the awards he won had total up to 500, Andy says: "A total of around 490 awards at home." Andy exclaimed that he doesn't know which award that he carves the most.

He returned to Hong Kong yesterday to prepare the release of his Chinese New Year single - Gong Xi Fa Cai which he wrote the lyrics and music, in the lyrics it wrotes: "The best please come and the bad please go" ; "Tomorrow will be more exciting... on the world stage, run faster than the black" he even send his blessing to the sports.

Andy says: "On the day that I was writing the lyrics, I saw Liu Xiang on TV, he said that he hope to burn a torch in the world of the black, and will continue to run hard, so touched, I wish to support him, and also hope that unhappy incidents don't happen, everyone could have a happy new year." Andy's company is currently discussing with major internet commercial site for fans to download for free as a new year present, where the song will be included in his later album. He quipped: "The song can be downloaded from the Internet, record company is also contacting major telecom companies for fans to download as fans could use their mobile phone to send their greetings with my song!"

Andy has arranged movie committments after the Chinese New Year, with regards to the Chief Executive announced that he'll give fully support to the Hong Kong movie industry, he says: "A lot of countries' movie industry has the support of the government, Hong Kong should also has. The director assoication had discussed before, although not much detailed planning but their aim is to fight illegal download, it's very advanced now, I can't keep up with the technology, let's see how the government control on this area. With the government support, Hong Kong's movie industry will maintain its position in Asia."

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