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| Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The title says: "One King Two Queens"
There are 4 singers awards in 2004 Jade Solid Gold Music awards and Andy Lau won half of them as he won both Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer which is a first time record.
Another amazing feat is his non-resting stamina and spirit.
Joey Yung whom won the Most Popular Female Singer for 2 years in a row once tried to be sick and tired, but in order to handle her busy work schedule, with the fans support, as if no breaks throughout the year, she feel that it's worth it even without any rest.
For the past year, Kelly Chen had been leading a flying woman life as she's busy with movies and concerts which lead to her forgetting her overseas market, thus winning the Asia Pacific Most Popular Female Singer is worthwhile.
What we can see from the 3 award winning singers is a common point - hardworking on the correct aim.
Andy Lau - non-resting 'tie ren'
Other than winning the Best Actor in Hong Kong Films Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards, he also has win many awards in major music award ceremonies. In history, he's the first singer to win both Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer in Jade Solid Gold Music awards, with his 5th win in Most Popular Male Singer, it breaks another record in JSG history.
A year of hardship in return of outstanding results, it's not lucky for all his hardwork.
In his last year's Vision Tour 2004 concert, there are many dance segments, 1 month before the concert kicks off, he hurt his knee during dancing rehearsals, he says: "In order not to affect my concerts, I went to see Chinese doctorm qigong and all sorts of doctors, when I went to Western doctor, he told me I'm beyond cure as I need a rest to recuperate all areas, but I couldn't stop, I was in so much pain that I can't climb the stairs thus has to rely on painkillers until I finish my concert tour in China in November to rest for 3 weeks for the injury to recover."
Andy exclaimed that he's not a dancer material as when he skip dancing classes in the past, he says: "Then, the dance instructor tell me: "You try to learn, you might not need it now but maybe in the future!" until I become a singer, I know what it means by 'when you required the books then you know you read too little', thus I always cherish the chance of learning."