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| Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The 1st Chinese Movie Director Association award ceremony was held at Beijing Asian International Convention Center, more than 50 directors from Hong Kong were invited, a total of more than 200 directors like Feng Xiao-gang, Jiang Wen, Peter Lam and Peter Chan Ho San gathered for the event. Andy Lau and Leon Lai and Mainland China's actresses Eva Huang and Li Bing-bingwere also invited to lend their support.

When Leon first arrived at the venue, several media asked him allegations of Faye Wong getting married, he answered that although he keep in contact with her but he never asked her about such allegations. In between his interview, Andy arrives and create some commotion as many fans rush to catch a glimpse of Andy and accidentally bump into Leon which he immediately turn black-faced and show that he's unhappy.

Andy was asked that the box office collection of A World Without Thieves is not as good as House Of Flying Daggers, he quipped that such matters are hard to control and with the current surge of Thai and Korean movies which is improving, the Chinese movies has to chase them. He says: "AWWT's box office collection is not as good as HOFD, what can we do! Ask the director this question!"

In addition, when asked if he wish that Feng Xiao-gang win the award, Andy express that it doesn't matter who won the award. When asked if he mind that he's not nominated for the Best Actor award, he says: "Don't say it this way." In the end, Zhang Yimou won the "Year's Box Office Director" award while Chinese actors Li Xue Jian and Zhou Xun won the Best Actor and Actress awards.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News