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| Sunday, March 06, 2005

This year's Annual Academy Awards Best Picture - Million Dollar Baby's producer Andre Morgan is currently in Hong Kong to promote the movie and attend its premiere. Peter Chan whom was responsible for distributing the movie, invited Morgan for dinner as a gesture of being the host.

Andre Morgan was Golden Harvest's producer and distribution vice-chairman many years ago in Hong Kong, thus he had worked with several Hong Kong artistes. He once collaborate with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in Cannonball Run, he was involved in Hong Kong's Golden Harvest and America's Warner Brother's joint production - Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon.

The guests that were invited for the dinner includes artistes that had either collaborate with Morgan before or involved in Golden Harvest's previous projects which includes Andy Lau, Michael Hui, Eric Tsang, Sammo Hung, Shi Nansun and Peter Pau. Morgan arrived around 8:00 PM with the accompany of Andrew Lau, Peter Chan and John Sham.

Andy had been involved in several Golden Harvest movies in the past as he express that he had known him for many years as he's here to catch up with him. Accompanied by his assistant, Andy arrived after rushing off from Lim Por Yan's funeral. Andy appeared stunned when he see all the reporters, when asked if he's here to discuss of any big plans with Morgan, he says: "Morgan is my friend for many years! I'm here for a meal and to see him!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, HK Commercial Daily