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| Friday, March 04, 2005

Andy Lau had become a curse for Janny Lin Chiling? In a latest Hong Kong survey, Patina Lin had replaced Janny to become the dream lover of Hong Kong men!

According to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao, a breast enhancement and slimming salon had invested more than HK$100,000 to entrust a market research company to do a survey - "Who's Your Dream Lover and Perfect Beauty" on both its endorser of different countries, Fanny and Patina whom both are supermodels. The end results show that 70% of the votes goes to Patina while Fanny garned only 30%.

From the results, among the male interviewed, 60.8% supported Patina and 35.2% supported Fanny while 4% has no comments. Of the female interviewed, Patina had 70% support while Fanny has 27.2% and 2.8% had no comments. It was a surprising results as after doing some enquiries, out-of-favour Fanny had made a trouble of herself with Andy Lau.

From those whom were interviewed, the Hong Kong media Oriental Daily recently publish an article on "Fanny capture Andy" which make several Andy's fan unsatisfied with her thus they change camp and support international supermodel Patina whom have a refreshing outlook but sexy figure.

Since Patina become the international bust enhancement and slimming endorser of Angel Face, news related to her grabs attention in Hong Kong and Mainland China thus gain some popularity. With regards to her increase of B cup to D cup is for all to see thus it's more convincing when compared to Fanny, thus she had become the new generation's perfect beauty.

news from: Sina.com