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| Friday, March 04, 2005

Recently, Andy Lau filed a lawsuit against a cosmetic company in Guangzhou as the company uses his image to promote its shampoo and shower foam thus violate image infringement of Andy. Andy request the company to destroy all related products, publish an apology and seek compensation from them.

According to reports in Sina, Andy found out in last year's January that a Mainland China company in the Guangzhou Baiyun area was selling products printed with Andy's image, they include shampoo and shower foam which also has the word 'hua zai' on them. On their promotional pack poster, Andy's image is also used as if Andy is the endorser of the company, in fact, Andy has no relationship with them.

Andy had entrust Hong Kong's Johnson Stokes & Master to sent out 2 lawyers' letter to the company on last year's 6 and 18 January requesting them to stop violating image copyright but no reply from them. Therefore lawyer from Johnson Stokes & Master, accompanied by a Guangdong notary officer visited the company's factory on 29 December 2004 to purchase the shampoo, shower foam and promotional poster and recently officially filed a lawsuit in China's high courts requesting the company to stop it's infringement behaviour and destroy all products with image of Andy, furthermore an apology in several Chinese dailies and compensation of 1 million Renminbi.

It's known that other than Andy, the company also make use of image of Kelly Chen and some other Chinese artistes. When Kelly's manager was contacted, she express: "Is it true, I don't know about this, Kelly endorse Christian Dior, I'll do a check on this or I would call Andy to check the details with him."

Andy's management company spokesman Mr. Lee was contacted yesterday on phone and confirmed that Andy had filed a lawsuit against the company, Mr. Lee says: "There's such matter, but the compensation amount reported by the newspaper is not correct, the details are handled by the lawyers, thus I'm in no position to reveal."

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao