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| Monday, March 07, 2005

The 10th Golden Bauhinina Awards was held in Hong Kong on 6 March at Kowloon's Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre, the theme for the award presentation is "Pass the tourch on -- Bauhinina 10 Years" and also pay respect to directors in the seventies and eighties.

Stephen Chow's Kungful Hustle won the Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, Tony Leung won the Best Actor award with his performance in 2046, Rene Liu won the Best Actress award for her role in A World Without Thieves, Derek Yee was the Best Director for A Night in Mongkok, Christopher Doyle won the Cinemagtography with 2046, Bai Ling won the Best Supporting Actress for her role in Three Extremes and Pang Ho Cheung won the Best Script for Beyond Our Ken. AWWT and House of Flying Daggers were among the Top 10 Chinese Movies.

When presenting the Best Actress award, Simon Yam and Andy Lau crack a joke on Gillian Chung regarding to allegations that she and Alex Fong went Switzerland for Valentine Day. Simon quipped: "I don't know how to swim!", Andy follows: "But I knew how to ski." as the audience burst into laughters.

When Rene went onstage to collect her award and see prize presenters Simon Yam and Andy Lau, she was so excited that she hug Andy, her "thief partner". Rene says onstage: "I've to thanks AWWT as this movie make me into a box-office actress, have to thanks Andy, Feng Xiaogang, I couldn't sleep last night due as I'm too nervous, I was thinking if I win this award, I don't know how I should thanks Feng Xiaogang." When being interviewed later, she said: "I'm so happy, I'll stay in Hong Kong to shop the whole day as celebration, I hope I can share this award with Andy and Feng Xiaogang, I hope to film more Hong Kong movies." Rene will hold a celebration later to thanks the director, Andy and crew members.

Those whom attended the ceremony includes Feng Xiaogang, Tao Hong, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Rene Liu, Daniel Wu, Simon Yam, Yuan Hua, Yuan Chiu, and Josie Ho, however when comparing the popularity among the audience, when Andy and Gillian Chung appeared, they received the loudest cheers. The fans of Tony carried a "Strongest Best Actor in History" banner to counter Andy's fans' "Most Handsome Best Actor in Golden Horse History" banner. When asked about defeating his "arch-enemy" Andy to win the Best Actor award, Tony says: "All 5 nominees are good actors, I'm just a bit lucky to win!"

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